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The Rise of BMX Freestyle - Volume 1 + 2 Box Set

When Bob Haro took a bold step into the business world of BMX in late 1978, who could have predicted the impact of that decision on American and global youth culture. This book charts the story of the Haro brand from Bob's humble beginnings as a BMX racer and aspiring entrepreneur in southern California, through the years working for the BMX Action magazine as a staff artist, and into the infamous 1980's - an unrivaled period of intense progression and creativity for the new sport. As the story evolves through the decade, and new brands enter the scene, Haro Designs scales up and leads freestyle into a new era.

Customer Reviews

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Jimmy Anuszewski
A step back in time

The photos and writing are amazing and very well done. If you experienced the golden age of BMX/Freestyle when you were a kid, then you are going to experience something that only a few can relate to: Time travel. It is amazing what well-written paragraphs with beautiful photos can do. It will take you back to your youth and give you a behind the scenes look at what you saw in the pages of our favorite magazines. A+++

Awesome and nostalgic

Brings back memories. Everyday after school we watched a freestylin' video and then went our to ride. Going to recommend to my friends.

Scott Heidinger
Awesome book boxset

Really great reads, great quality, recommended.

David Evans

I just received both books and can’t wait to dive in and read them. These books were very well made and written.

Jason Feinberg
Captures a magic time for the sport and culture.

If you rode in the 80s or 90s, or just want to understand what it was like, buy this now! Was a great history lesson in the sport and the culture, and so many incredible photos of the riders, the bikes, the scene. Have this out as a coffee table book and will def flip thru it on a regular basis.


  • Contains volume 1 and 2


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