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1989 Vintage Forks

The 1989 1" Vintage fork has been built to replicate the original 1989/1990 fork. Made from the same spec and material as our original forks back in the 80's, only difference being CNC'd dropouts over the original stamped version.

Customer Reviews

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Joseph Ellis
Old School Love

This is for my 1987 Hutch Windstyler. I was happy that HARO still made old school parts! These forks are great and looks stronger then the '80's. Great finish and fit. Great price and fast shipping. Thank you for keeping old school alive!

Vintage Forks

I bought these to mount on my 86 Skyway Street Beat. I wanted something I could mount pegs to without destroying the finish. These forks work great and look awesome. Even though it’s not original to Skyway, they are more functional and most people don’t know the difference. Thanks!!!

Just what I was looking for...

Rebuilding a 1992 Haro Sport from my youth. The threads on my original forks were a little beat down, so I was so happy to find these. Very nice fit, finish and overall quality. A bonus, the shipping direct from Haro was very quick!

Another awesome reproduction Haro part

I've had a 1991 Ground Master frame forever and decided to build it up and it's so awesome to be able to purchase a fork for it directly from Haro. The fork is the great quality that I've come to see on all of these reproduction parts. Chrome is flawless and very deep, welds are great and it's just all around a solid feeling set of forks. Can't beat the price either, thanks Haro!



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