Street riding is one of those things in life that is tough as nails and delicate as a flower all at the same time, BMX as a whole is very similar. There is no little league of street riding, no major league of street riding, sure there are freestyle comps here and there and they come and go, but there is no governing body of Freestyle that keeps the sport going in some organized way. It’s a wild animal of a sport and it’s only because of the people who ride that its able to thrive and be something.

Since the date seems to vary slightly based on the day of the week and what area you live in, we will just refer to this day simply as BMX Day. Sometime in July of 2022, the corners of the community that live and breathe freestyle gathered at the yellow banks in downtown San Diego to shred the streets, raise some hell, and simply celebrate this gritty little gift called BMX. Organized and hosted by Our BMX.

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