We find freedom in riding & from this feeling sparked our love for freestyle BMX. A brand birthed by the crazies, who pioneered the art of jumping bikes, roasting berms corners, and performing back peg balancing acts. The 80’s were a radical time, and in that came Bob Haro & Haro bikes. Producing innovative riding experience throughout not only BMX but other realms of bicycle fun.

The rest is History!



We stem from the birth of an era, a time when action sports just gave way to a new lifestyle. This transition was a time for bicycle innovation, products had to withstand new stunt performing strengths & Haro bikes was there in full force, creating a wave of products that rocked the industry. With their iconic freestyler frame, Haro was set to carve the path for creating other innovative bicycle products. Today, Haro bikes has taken that early BMX influence and has expanded into various deep-rooted product lines including mountain bikes, road bikes, gravel bikes, e-bikes, kids bikes and more.

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There is this feeling as a kid when you get a new bike, we call it “new bike psych”. We strive to give that feeling back to all our riders. As we grow old, the spark doesn't always follow; however at Haro we create products that give you spirit. It’s simple. We create bikes that excite us, and in hope, move you! We are here to get you rolling, and forever keep you rolling throughout your journey.

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Hugging the bike trails of northern San Diego county, our home in Vista California offers a dynamic mix of action sports and outdoor culture. It might just be fate, but our office sits in the business park that was once the old Carlsbad speedway. You can say we were born behind the bars. It's a place where the beach air meets the desert mountain dirt. A perfect arena for the trailblazing of bicycle motocross.