Working out doesn’t have to mean endless hours on a treadmill inside a four-walled building; in fact, we think just the opposite – exercising is best done outside, when you don’t even realize that that’s what you’re doing. Looking for something light and fast that’s pavement-specific? That’s going to be our Aeras models. Feeling a bit more adventurous and want to check out some light gravel and/or dirt roads? Both our Bridgeport and Westlake models are more than capable. Come see for yourself; sweat equity awaits…


These are the swiss-army knives of bikes; light enough to keep you rolling fast on asphalt and concrete, yet rugged enough to handle potholes, chip-seal, and the occasional bit of weather. Whether you choose our ultra-efficient, minimalist Beasley, our fashionable Soulville, or our perfect-for-a-college-campus Projekt, you can rest assured that every model is purpose built to take on the concrete jungle.


The ultimate expression of modern comfort, the LXI family is designed for today's modern rider. Ergonomically designed featuring lightweight 6061 alloy frames, suspension seatposts, available suspension forks and adjustable stems, the LXI fits today's active lifestyle. Ergonomic grips and the most comfortable saddle this side of a recliner complete the package. Whether it’s cruising the cul-de-sac with the kids, hitting up the local market or a low-impact workout, there is an LXI for every kind of rider.


Simplify your ride with a Del Sol cruiser. Each model features our famous SuperCruise frame with its laid-back and comfortable geometry for the ultimate in barefoot pedaling. Equally at home on the boardwalk as the cul-de-sac, Del Sol cruisers are the most comfortable way to enjoy life in the slow lane. From the simple Cantina to the moto-inspired Railer Plus, to everything in-between, we have your personal cruise covered.