He’s the perfect mix of strength and style, Chad brings the attitude that makes the crowd roar! Starting from the race tracks and gradually stepping into the skatepark and finally taking over the streets with the homies. Chad represents BMX with so much passion and excitement, he takes control on his bike and go’s! Follow @chadkerley

  • Dennis Enarson


    Hitting the BMX scene like a freight train, Dennis was the fearless phenom from San Diego, still in high school, and sending massive tricks and transfers that would make Pros twice his age shudder. From that first moment Dennis hit the scene, BMX knew one of the greats had just turned up. Over ten years later and Dennis has developed into one of the most accomplished, influential, respected, and most of all humble, riders in the world of BMX today. Follow @dennisenarson


    Often an unsung hero of BMX, flatland is on the fringe of a sport that is already on the fringe. Yet Matthias’ riding is different, Matthias’ riding is not just admired by fellow flatlanders, or even BMXers, his riding transcends BMX and entrances anyone who watches him ride just one time. Matthias’ riding is something special that can’t be described and is best to be simply enjoyed. And when Matthias steps off his bike, his personality and disposition is as engaging as his riding. Matthias is one of a kind who’s riding is meant for the world to enjoy! Follow @matthiasdandois


    A veteran of the streets and an X Games champ, Colin has evolved as a rider and a person. Colin has been part of the Haro family for a minute, repping our Premium brand with signature parts. Adding Colin to the Haro pro team was an obvious move for all involved. Follow @colinlikewhat


    Our legend Nyquist, always full of laughs and farts. The stories are endless with this 20 year sponsored veteran. From the early day’s with Mirra to riding with Dennis and Chad, Ryan has been there for nearly half our existence and we can't thank him enough. Follow @ryannyquist

  • Keir bio photo


    Cool girls club with Keir Sirlin, this radical girl started roasting skateparks in the second grade and the fun hasn't stopped. With her distinct style and love for the culture, we like to say she was born to ride. Follow @keir_sirlin

  • Perris bio photo


    Perris is our Olympic freestyle BMX contender, representing Haro bikes for all the ladies who ride. She is a strength for the BMX community, always pushing the boundaries on her bike while being a role model for younger riders to come. Perris from Reno, Nevada now resided full time in North Carolina where she trains full time. Follow Perris @perrisbenegas

  • Mike Gray bio photo


    Representing the Canadian BMX scene, Mike Gray is always in a positive mood. Already being close friends with the Haro crew make it easy to bring Mike along on trips. Eventually, he moved to SD and joined the team. Now, he's in Canada shredding harder than ever in Toronto. Follow this adventure man @mikegraybmx

  • Michael Mogollon


    Hailing from Bogota Columbia, Michael started his journey to sunny San Diego just a few years ago. He quickly engulfed himself in the local BMX scene and before you know it he was shredding with some of the best. Micheal is always up for the adventure, jump in the van and ride! Follow Micheal @michaelmogollon

  • Simon bio photo


    Simon got his start in the early days of BMX in the UK ripping rickety backyard vert ramps and underground freestyle competitions. Fast forward 30 years and Simon has become one of the leaders in the vert riding scene and one of, if not the only rider to have ever stomped back to back 900s in competition. The past couple years has seen Simon push through some life-threatening health scares that has given Simon and even deeper appreciation for Love, Family, Health and BMX! We are proud to have Simon as part of the Haro Family. Follow @simontabron

  • DMC bio photo


    The legend that never stopped. Dennis has thousands of stories to tell about the evolution of Haro bikes and BMX as whole. Starting his career with Haro over three decades ago and never letting the BMX spirit go, Dennis is still keeping up with the young pro’s and showing them how its done! Dennis is all BMX and he can’t get enough. Follow @bmxdmc

  • Blake Peters bio photo


    An all around athlete, Blake Peters is not only a rider but a friend of the family. Being a San Diego local, Blake has been riding with the crew since he was just a beginner. Now, he's riding with Dennis on a daily, and has become a local shredder at the Enarson’s ramps. Blake always keeps himself and others in a positive mood. All smiles with @blakepeters_sd

  • Austyn mcintosh bio photo


    Speed is on Austyn’s radar, you may find him ripping through San Diego on his BMX bike or drifting in his car on tight road corners. This San Diego local has developed himself to ride all terrains. Find him at your local park, riding your friends trails, or even in the streets of downtown. Austyn is ready for the ride follow @yo_mac_attack

  • Markell Jones


    Bringing that Cali swag to the premium team, Markell is a BMX rider that has a passion for fashion, style, and hiphop culture. There is a lifestyle in being a BMX rider and Markell highlights all the positives. Catch him looking fly on and off the bike @markelljones_

  • Brad Moore bio photo


    A beast on a BMX bike, Brad can whip his bike like butter. Doing trick variations that bring high energy and power makes his riding bright and graceful. Brad brings the fun and style all while effortlessly flowing on his bike. Follow @bradcmoore

  • Matt Closson bio photo


    The definition of a true hearted BMX rider, making his mark on the industry since he was just a young boy. Growing up in the San Diego scene, Matt is bursting with BMX influence. Matt brings the culture together by living, breathing , & sleeping BMX, all while giving back to his community. Follow @mattclosson

  • Brooke Craft bio photo


    Another SoCal local struck with the passion for BMX. Born into the track life, Brook has been around the BMX game for nearly her whole life. The Crafts' family is always supportive and present at Brooks races. She's an all American girl with her eyes on the prize. Keep up with her at @craft_brooke


    “Captain” Nic Long is literally the captain of the Haro race team, taking his road-show across the USA to promote BMX racing in a fun, positive way and representing Haro everywhere he goes.  A former USA BMX National Champ and serious contender in the Vet Pro ranks, Nic does it all in style, challenging the norm and holding it down for generations of BMX racers. Stay on top of Nic's schedule at @niclong64


    Ethan “E-Pop” Popovich is the rider’s rider. From the skatepark to the race track, Ethan’s skill level on a bike surpasses that of mere mortals by a large margin. Having worked his way up through the amateur ranks, he has his sights set on the pro class, flying the Haro colors all the way. Follow along for the ride at @ethanpopovichbmx

  • Jon Simek


    Representing Haro MTB, Jonathan is a ripper who’s always following the next big MTB event. Whether competing in the race, getting in on the whip contest, or just chillen with the riders, Jonathan is there for it all. Occasionally picking up the BMX, Jonathan is part of the Haro bike experience. Find him chilling in the office or product development at Haro headquarters. Follow @jonathan_simek

  • Diana Sjol bio photo


    We are beyond excited to team up with this crafty and calculated 3x California state champ, Diana Sjol. She has a passion for cycling that keeps us bouncing on our toes and she is no stranger to adventure. Thats why she's the perfect fit for Masi brand ambassador! Currently riding a Incanto follow @dianasjol for all things Masi.

  • Josh Stockinger bio photo


    An employee and ambassador of the Haro/Masi family; Josh, was introduced to the cycling world through his Haro employment. Today, he competes in the most challenging cycling feats, including winning the world record for the 2022 RAAM race across America with 8-man team Beamer. Follow @josh_stockinger and support his next timely cycling endeavor.

  • Ron Frazelle bio photo


    Ron's got the road warrior mentality, always trekking his bike around the country and collecting unforgettable stories along the way, which he shares on Bike Rumors publication. He has an old school love for traditional touring bikes and utilizes his Masi for those epic journeys. Follow @dfw_rfrazelle to see how a true bike packer does it!