Looking for something simple, fast, and efficient? A hardtail is the way to go and no one does it better than we do. After 30+ years in the game sponsoring some of the most prolific MTB riders of our generation, we’re not only the best option to start on, but to also finish with. From our entry-level Flightline series all the way up to our new top-shelf Saguaro, we have a ton of shred-worthy options to choose from.


When it’s going to be a “send-it” kinda day, our Shift series is where the good times begin. Both our single-pivot S3 and four-bar linkage R5 feature 120mm travel options. Want to get a little rowdier? Step up to our R7 which rocks 140mm of rear travel plus another 150mm up front. Still not enough? Go full send with our R9; with 160mm of rear travel plus another 170mm in the RockShox Yari RC fork up front, rock gardens are going to feel like gravel trails on this rig.


The Shift i/O line is bred for pure riding performance with its longer-travel suspension platform and Enduro geometry. The Shift i/O models are a powerhouse on tough climbs and amazing downhill shredders.


There are few bonds as strong as the relationship between a kid and their bikes. Bikes represent fun, joy, and freedom, things that begin early and never have to end.

The Flightline Kids Series with its 20" & 24" options make it easy to keep up with Mom and Dad both on and off the trail. Our Plus models equipped with 2.6" tires provide a wider footprint to help soak up rocks, ruts and roots, and a rigid aluminum fork keeps things fast, light and lively. Of course, our disc-brake-spec’d models ensure safe stopping in all weather conditions, regardless of what the terrain looks like.

The Beasley 24" and 26" models elevate street rides with smoother tires and a bit of urban flair thrown in for good measure. If transportation around a hilly neighborhood is a concern, the Beasley is the answer.