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California Native Channels The Spirit of BMX Racing

It takes endurance, grit, and an extreme sports athlete’s love of speed and air time to launch out of the start gate of a BMX racetrack. California-native Brooke Crain, a two-time BMX racing Olympian, jumped on a bike at six years old and has never looked back. Today, on International Women’s Day, we celebrate the inspiring career and independent spirit of this Haro Team athlete.

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What's up with Wheelie Bikes?

Can you remember the last time you just rolled out with a bunch of friends on your bikes with no real destination or purpose other than just popping wheelies, dropping skids and jumping curbs? Not a road ride, not a mountain ride, not a commute - just riding bikes with your buddies.   Maybe you roll through the neighborhood with your kids, and you watch with envy from your performance-optimized-Strava-machine as they carve turns and skid; wishing you had something you could goof around on? Or possibly, your kid has been talking about “Wheelie Bikes”; leaving you confused. Because as far as you know, any bike can be a Wheelie Bike with the right pull and a little brake feathering....

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