So, you need a bike. It doesn’t have to be a mountain bike, it doesn’t have to be a road bike, but it does have to work well, and with any luck, not limit you to just one style of riding. You’ve come to the right place. Haro’s sport fitness bikes combine the efficiency of a road bike with the gearing of a mountain bike - wider tires than a road bike giving you some added cushion and stability, narrower tires than a mountain bike to keep you zipping right along. Best of all, you choose what’s important. Want to explore some dirt roads? Check out the Bridgeport and Westlake models, both equipped with a suspension fork. Committed to pavement only? The Aeras models have you covered. Need a tough, urban commuter that can handle a walk on the wild side? The Beasley’s rugged and ready-for-anything nature’s got your back. And don’t think for a minute we forgot about junior. Our Beasley 24” and 26” models are quite possibly the ultimate bike for a little neighborhood adventure.

Exercising should be fun; sure it should get your heart rate up, but it should also be a good time. Why go back to the gym when you have access to a freedom machine that connects you with the outdoors? It’s time to start smiling again. Come see why life on two wheels rules.

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