Performance Road

It’s safe to say that there are very few brands with as much history, heritage and pedigree as Masi. Faliero Masi’s story, which began well over 90 years ago, is truly one for the ages; a professional-racer-turned-frame-builder who built for some of the most prolific riders in cycling history (ie. Merckx, Anquetil, Coppi, etc) would soon become known as “The Tailor” for his meticulous fitting process. The philosophy that Faliero carried through to every one of his creations was a simple one; “it’s all about the ride” – meaning that ride quality surpassed all other characteristics when it came to building a frame. It’s a principle that rings true today, executed within our titanium “Titanio” frameset. Designed to work exclusively with electronic groupsets only, the Titanio is not only designed as a pure-bred race machine, but one that delivers that perfect ride quality that Faliero talked about so long ago.

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