Bo Wade: Lost and Found

Bo Wade: Lost and Found

It is fair to say that freestyle is as much an art as it is a sport. Freestyle is an art that uses the world around us as it's canvas. And sometimes it is in those lost and forgotten places, those places of decay, that lies an opportunity for creativity. Bo Wade finds and repurposes an abandoned restaurant construction site as his blank canvas for his latest edit, lost and found. enjoy.


Where are you from?
I was born in Rome Italy but grew up in the US. As a child I lived in random places, such as Maracaibo Venezuela and Dallas Texas, but have lived in Redondo Beach California most of my life now.

When did you start riding?
I received my first real BMX bike on Christmas 1989 and it was a Haro Master :)

How did you first get exposed to BMX? Was it flatland at first or did you discover flat after you got into riding?
I think the first time I saw any BMX was from older kids at school or around town, and honestly I rode anything I had access to back then. I spent more time riding flat just based on the accessibility, you can ride flat anywhere and also its a little more open as far as the trick options go.

What is it about flatland that is more appealing to you than the other forms of BMX?
You can design and engineer your own moves and style in flat, and I think thats what most drew me to it specifically.

Did/do you ever ride anything other than flat?
Not at a serious level but for fun I play around in the streets.

What is your most proud moment, or accomplishment, from your time in BMX so far?
Ive been lucky to experience some of the most amazing times at competitions around the world with some of my best friends showing the world our thing. A few favs are battling Matthias Dandois 1 on 1 in the FISE final in the south of France in front of that legendary crowd and my battle in the final against Martti Kuoppa in Colorado the year he won everything.

How did the idea for Lost and Found ( The Edit ) come about?
Im a huge fan of street riding and street videos. There is this genuine sense of adventure that shines through, its as if to say this kind of thing exists naturally in the world and with flat the options are truly endless. Joey had spotted this building under construction months before and we did a test mission and shot some photos one night without any issues. We actually had been planning this for awhile and was hyped that it was still there and ridable.

You travel quite a lot for riding, what is your favorite place to travel to and why?
Usually Im traveling about half of the year, and am lucky to experience all these places with other riders some who are good friends. I love to visit France, especially the south. The food, the people, the culture and the weather in the south is fire. I also love to visit Japan; Kobe and Sapporo are two of my fav cities there.

Would it be the same place if you didn’t have your bike with you? If different, where and why?
If no bike I would do something completely different like some surf trip, or some winter mountain trip in the snow.

What have you been doing to cope with the changes brought on by COVID?
Well since no contests/traveling Ive been able to focus on exploring new concepts in tricks and build in some of the things I felt I was missing skill wise. Its not as fun though! I miss my international friends so much and look forward to when we can get back to it.

What are you plans for 2021?
My plans for 2021 are the same, continue to push myself on and off the bike. I love building my fitness level and overall health, but also look forward to increasing my appreciation for all things in life. No ordinary moments.

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