BMX Rocks! Haro x Slash

BMX Rocks! Haro x Slash

In a blend of music and wheels, Haro Bikes has once again pushed the boundaries of creativity with its latest collaboration, this time joining forces with none other than the legendary guitarist, Slash, of Guns N' Roses. This partnership bridges the worlds of rock 'n' roll and BMX, paying homage to both the timeless pulls of the 80s and the modern era of extreme sports.

Slash, known for his electrifying guitar riffs and signature top hat, isn't just an iconic figure of 80s rock; he's also a lifelong fan of BMX culture. With roots deeply intertwined in both realms, Slash was the perfect candidate to represent Haro & ride the Sport Bashguard.

Enter Chad Kerley, a current pro rider and X Games medalist, whose expertise and epitomize the new school BMX era. Tasked with introducing "Slash" to the dynamic world of modern BMX riding, Chad’s involvement adds an exciting dimension to this collaboration. It’s the collaboration we all needed but didn’t see coming.

In celebration of this collaboration, Haro Bikes is thrilled to announce a giveaway of the same iconic Lineage Sport Bashguard featured in the project, & signed by "Slash" himself. This is an opportunity for enthusiasts and fans alike to own a piece of history, to ride alongside the legends who have shaped the landscape of both music and BMX!

Chad Kerley and Slash
Slash autograph
Slash - Autographed poster
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