InFocus - Lasse Norman Leth

InFocus - Lasse Norman Leth

Lasse Norman Leth is a heavyweight in the world of road cycling: A five-time Olympic medalist, including two gold, and ten medals (three gold) in the UCI World Championships are among his many accomplishments. With a long list of accolades and coming from a family of high-profile cyclists, Lasse is one of the most respected names in the game--and guess what? Lasse is now a member of the Haro Bikes team. Lasse heads up our all-new road division and is fighting for the opportunity to be the most decorated Olympic athlete in his home country of Denmark. To get a better understanding of what motivates Lasse to be one of the top contenders in road and track cycling, we spoke with him about the passion and dedication behind his fierce drive, as well as his thoughts on joining Team Haro.

The following interview with Lasse coincides with the release of the Rivette, Haro’s first performance road bike offering.   


Lasse, welcome to the Haro team! What are your thoughts about signing with a brand that has, until recently, been predominantly associated with BMX and MTB?

Of course, it’s a bit different being part of a brand that also supports BMX athletes. However, I’ve always been known for keeping it fun while still pushing myself and my body to its full capabilities. In terms of having that element of fun in BMX, I’ve always loved consuming BMX content, it motivates me to find the “cool” and “fun” side of cycling. Where as, road cycling can be a bit boring at times…. I’ll admit to that. Ha ha. It’s all about high performance for me and keeping it fun. Like BMX, track cycling is fast and dangerous--it is a fierce discipline to watch. For me, that’s the connection.

I’m not the most conservative rider but also not extremely edgy, I try and keep a good balance and stay consistent. I keep things classic, including the way my bike looks and feels. When I find something I like, I try to stick to that. I’ll stick to the old school and stay classy that way.

What about the Haro Bikes brand made you want to be involved? Are you a risk taker, do you march to the beat of your own drum? Are you influenced by different lifestyles?

It is a new beginning for Haro. I know the people who are involved and to me, it seems like the right way to go. It was a simple choice! Knowing those people made me confident and happy to be part of a cool brand, while still bringing that level of high-performance road biking to the mix.

It’s clear that cycling is in your DNA, riding with your siblings and extended family. What motivates you to be part of a team and have the support from a company like Haro?

It’s a plus for me that Haro is a brand that has always supported great athletes. Having seen the brand since I was a little kid, and since I’m not getting any younger, it feels great to be part of a smaller community and team. While rising in the ranks, it’s hard to not have a narrow perspective. Now, I can really appreciate Haro as a brand, supporting a team dynamic that is focused on lifestyle and people. I wish I would have paid more attention to these things when I was younger. I always focused on my own success, but as I get older, I want to be part of a team that can inspire others. I’m already having friends and colleagues tell me about their first Haro--People relate to the brand!

Congrats on being a new father, all while training for Paris 2024. What motivates you to still compete at the highest level after so many years?

It’s almost too easy to call it quits and say “That’s it!”. For me, I love a good challenge. I’ve also put myself in the position to be the most successful Danish Olympian. I’ve got 5 medals now. No one in Denmark has 6--It’s a huge motivation. On a daily basis, being on my bike is always a plus. Now that I’m a dad, I always try to train properly and use my time wisely. When I’m home, I can focus my full attention to my family.

When you’re not riding, what other influences determine your day-to-day routine? What brings the human aspect to someone who is known as a strict competitor?


Well, I am a music guy, I always have music playing for when me and my family are at home. However, I’m mostly a nature guy, I like taking walks and funny enough, I can probably spend all day sitting and looking into a creek Ha ha. Mostly things to keep me present. I really enjoy that!


Check out Lasse’s playlist here.

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