InFocus - Perris Benegas

InFocus - Perris Benegas

Perris Benegas, the powerhouse of women's professional BMX riding, sat down with us to share a glimpse into her life. Between all the hustle and bustle of training for the Olympics, we focus on her motivation, uncovering the driving force behind her dedication to excellence. From her crazy workout routines to her strict diet, Perris shares all the secrets to her success. Join us as we explore the passion and dedication behind her fierce drive.  


Your dedication is super inspiring, you have self-drive that is comparable to the top athletes in the world. How do you keep up with the pressure and stay focused?  


I try and be super determined, I try not to half-ass anything I do! When I see something I want, I’m going to try and achieve it. I’ve been like this since I was a kid actually. I do believe in manifesting too. I swear I’ve manifested so much of what I have, including my new life in San Diego, competing in the Olympics, everything! I believed that I could do these things with the support of my friends, family and sponsors. Plus, I can directly see my results; eating healthy, working out, the benefits all lead me to success. 


Being a leader for women’s BMX and an influence for so many young riders, what about your community helps you stay focused on your goals and keep the sport growing?  


I want BMX freestyle to be as big as any other sport. It’s so cool to be able to show that BMX is a women’s sport too. Young girls can turn on the television and see a girl competing at X Games, how cool! It was always a men’s sport and it’s all I ever knew growing up, but things are changing and it’s amazing that a young girl can tune in and be inspired.   


On the contrary, how do you find levity with a heavy schedule, pressure to compete, and just trying to live a normal life? 


Honestly, getting hurt was a great thing for me, it made me understand that the little things in life are important to me, just slowing down and living life. It’s a balance for me, you can be professional and do all these amazing trips, but there’s more in life than just that. I want a family and to find balance in life. At the same time, I’m living my dream, so I’m exactly where I want to be right now!   


However, when I’m home I make time for the things I want to do. Meditation helps me stay grounded and present. When I’m doing something I’m all in. Whether I’m hanging with friends or Mikaela, it’s all about presence. 


You’ve had a big year, including being the DIG rider of the year, Our BMX women’s NORA Cup winner, dropping your full length video part “Integration”, as well as being invited to the X Games. Where do you find yourself today? And where do you see your future?   


Thank you, I just want to do it all! I’m going all in for the Olympics. I don’t know, I’m just trying to stay focused on what’s in front of me and what’s achievable. They are all great opportunities. I just got invited to the first X Games women’s BMX event--this is what I dreamed of as a kid. I’m honestly just riding the wave! 

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I want to do more once I get done with Olympic training. I want to go on more trips,  and film another part. It’s important to go on the road, film with friends; it’s what made me fall in love with BMX. I don’t do this just for the opportunity to compete. I do it because I love it.  

We met up with Perris and let the camera roll for a casual day out and about for our new "With the Crew" video series:

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