Recently we hosted a women's tubeless tire clinic to help our local riders learn to be prepared for whatever they may encounter on their rides

Women's Tubeless Tire Clinic.

We all know it……. Cycling is the coolest!

It is so cool that it sometimes is easy to feel “un-cool” if you aren’t savvy with the latest and greatest in the bicycle world. And so with that thought in mind, we wanted to begin hosting local clinics aimed at bringing the riding community together to learn bike maintenance and repair techniques. For our first lap out, we teamed up with Masi Ambassador, Rana Kennedy and her mentor Robyn Blackfelner, to host a Women’s tubeless tire clinic. And while the clinic wasn’t exclusive to only women, we wanted to gear the clinic towards women’s approach and techniques for bike maintenance and repair. We had a great group of riders turnout, about half of them came out a couple of hours early for a lunch ride that only ate into the clinic’s schedule by about 15 minutes so all in all… ahead of schedule! Haha. Needless to say, it was a terrific success and we are already working to plan the next one!

"A mentor helps so much! One needs to learn just what is actually necessary vs personal preference/what goes in a roadside bag and how to use it. This is not a gender specific problem, but across the board"

"Typically we all need to learn this material somehow via “OH NO, what do I do now vs being prepared “, knowledge is power here and can cut down on the intimidation and panic factors bring confidence"

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