Chad Kerley

Brooke Crain got her start in BMX when she watched her older brother race at a track in Tulare, Ca. Since then she has been riding every track in sight full speed and hasn't looked back.

Brooke Crain

It's the perfect mix of strength and style the makes Chad Kerley's riding one of a kind. Chad has the amazing ability to push the possibilities of street riding while keeping the mood light and all about the fun with the homies.

Chad Kerley

Getting back on the company you started your career with is pretty special. DMC is a legend and for three generations he has continued to kill it on a BMX bike. Giant Abubaca's 8ft up to 900's every other weekend, he's seen it all and has 1000 stories to prove it.

Dennis McCoy

Hailing from Paris, France, Matthias is a world champion flatlander but Matthias would simply prefer to be called a rider. Matthias has the skills to ride multiple disciplines of BMX and being able to progress and ride whatever he wants is what keeps him loving life on and off his bike.

Matthias Dandois

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