Age Height Joined Haro World Tours Home Town Current City
51 5' 6" 2012 Japan 2012 Kansas City, MO Kansas City, MO


"Getting back on the company you started your career with is pretty special. DMC is a legend and for three generations he has continued to kill it on a BMX bike. Giant Abubaca's 8ft up to 900's every other weekend, he's seen it all and has 1000 stories to prove it. I grew up watching him on BMX videos, now I'm finally going on tour with him. DMC has been regarded as the grandfather of freestyle for over 20 years and I think he has still got a few big moves left in him" said Colin Mackay, Haro's Team Manager. "DMC will help us at Haro Bikes truly define the original days of BMX freestyle and help keep that spirit and culture of Haro Bikes alive" added Mackay. "I met Bob Haro in my hometown of Kansas City in the summer of '84", explained Dennis McCoy. "A few months later the man that started it all asked me to join his team, which was full of riders I admired. I was flown out to California to ride in the brand new AFA Masters Series, and a seemingly endless journey began. The incredible list of riders that have been part of the Haro Family over the years is a virtual who's who of BMX history and includes some of my lifelong friends. I can't really put into words how cool it feels to make it back home after all these years". "The current team is full of amazing riders and I look forward to continuing this journey with them for years to come", commented Dennis "...and who knows where that will take us next. I want to personally thank Joe Hawk as well as Colin Mackay and Ryan Nyquist and everyone at Haro for making this a reality." Haro team 1984 - Invited back in 2012

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