Windy Osborn Capsule Collection

Haro along with Windy Osborn are proud to present the second series of the Windy Osborn Capsule Collection. In this release, Windy has selected two iconic freestyle photos to be combined with a classic ‘80s graphics vibe. This limited second series of wearables reimagines some of her most favorite BMX shots from yesterday.
A world-renowned photographer today, Windy Osborn initially established her BMX photographic credibility by the late 70’s. First published at 14, she showed natural abilities in photographing sports, having an eye for capturing peak action and expressing extreme emotion in her images.
Working for Wizard Publications, Inc., 1976-1991, shooting for BMX Action Magazine, Freestylin’ Magazine and Homeboy Magazine, Windy developed a craft and style that made her not only a cutting-edge photographer, but the only professional female photographer to shoot bicycle motocross, freestyle and skateboarding.
Windy was inducted into the National BMX Hall of Fame in the first time-added category of BMX Women, June 2012. The Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony was held at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California. Windy was honored for her contributions to the growth of the sport of bicycle motocross and freestyle, through her photography.
Windy has been honored as one of “The Top 10 Most Influential BMX Photographers of All Time”, in Dig BMX Magazine.