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SD Plastic Pedals

Designed, tested and ridden by Dennis Enarson, the SD pedal is the perfect durable, low profile plastic pedal for the all-round BMX ripper. The SD pedal features squared off pins so this pedal can retain grip while holding up to crank arm slides and pedal grinds. Complete with sealed bearing design, this pedal hits all the marks, strong, grippy, sleek and smooth, the SD pedal will be your new pedal of choice for as long as you're on two wheels.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Awesome pedals

These pedals look RAD, perform well and are priced at such a value. I had a bit of trouble telling the left from right, and I called Haro and they helped me out immediately.

Casey Dulce
Great pedals

These pedals are awesome. Grip is good and the SD on them makes them a must have for me.

Really Impressive

Bought these for a gravel bike for a rider who was uncomfortable with flat pedals with screw pins ("perforated shin and calf" syndrome). I was worried that the Haro SD pedals wouldn't have enough grip, but I was wrong. These are really stout while still being relatively thin, and the grip is really good. They don't look like plastic pedals - just a great set of flats.

Best of the Best!

Hands down the best plastic pedals on the market!

Perfect Pedals

These kick ass! Great grip and feel even when your foot is barley touching it. I will be buying another pair today as a back up!


  • Dennis Enarson signature pedal
  • Custom SD logo design with 12 molded pins per side
  • Polycarbonate body with knurling for extra grip
  • 6.3 OZ
  • Full 4130 chromo axle
  • Two sealed outer bearings and one inner bushing


*Specifications are subject to change without notice

*Actual retail price may vary based on any added dealer freight, tax, and assembly fees